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Bettina Bien Greaves

"Mises Most Loyal Student"

     After graduating in the midst of the “Great Depression” from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts, as a Botany major, Bettina studied shorthand and typing and became a secretary. During World War II, she used her shorthand and typing skills in South America in the mountains of Bolivia, and then in Vienna, Austria, working for the U.S. government’s Foreign Economic Administration. She was one of the first eight U.S. civilian women in Austria after V-E Day and she remained there for a year to witness the start of Europe’s post-war revival. 

     After she returned to the States in 1946, she worked at various jobs and finally in 1951, came to The Foundation For Economic Education. At FEE she performed several tasks, as she puts it “reading, writing, and looking things up.” For many years she assembled materials for high school and college debaters throughout the nation. She is currently FEE’s Resident Scholar and a FEE Trustee. 

     From 1951 to 1969, Bettina attended Mises graduate seminar in economic theory at New York University. In 1975 FEE published her two-volume work, Free Market Economics (A Syllabus and a Basic Reader), intended to help high school teachers explain free market principles to students. She translated from the German several of Mises studies which were published in 1978 as On the Manipulation of Money and Credit. She also compiled and edited a collection of his short articles, published in 1990 as Economic Freedom and Free Enterprise.  In addition, she compiled a detailed two-volume work, Mises: An Annotated Bibliography, published in 1993 and 1995, which lists books and articles by and about Mises. Moreover, in 1996 she compiled and edited an anthrology of papers, Austrian Economics, by and about early Austrian economists and their subjective, marginal utility theory of value. And in 1998 she edited, Interventionism: An Economic Analysis, by Ludwig von Mises.

     Dr. Greaves is now completing the editing of the manuscript of her late husband, Percy L. Greaves, dealing with the ongoing Pearl Harbor controversy, The Seeds and the Fruits of Infamy, and is arranging for its publication. The book deals with the background, investigations and cover-up of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. And, she is completing, as editor, Rules for Living: The Ethics of Social Cooperation, an abridgement of Henry Hazlitt’s work, The Foundations of Morality

     Both Bettina and Percy Greaves were awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Economics from the Universidad Francisco Marroguin in Quatemala in 1983.

     In addition to the works listed above, Bettina Greaves has published many articles in the Freeman magazine and contributed articles to numerous other publications, such as: A Man for Many Seasons, in “The Wisdom of Henry Hazlitt;” and Mises’s New York University Seminar and the Austrian School of Economics in the United States, in “A Man of Principle – Essays in Honor of Hans Sennholz.” Finally, she has taught economics classes at New York Institute of Credit from 1985-1992 and given lectures on economic topics in Spanish to students in Guatemala. She continues to be a inspiration to aspiring Austrian economists by her dedication to Ludwig von Mises and his ideas, and her depth of scholarship over the decades in the Austrian tradition.

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