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Ten Great Austrian Economists

     Here are the biographical sketches of ten of the most important economists in the tradition of Austrian Economics. Click the photos to view their biographies. Should  you click their book titles you will be directed to Amazon.com and can purchase the book, if you wish. You might also consider the book 15 Great Austrian Economists.

Ludwig von Mises     Mises wrote the "Bible" for Austrian Economics. He called his magum opus Human Action. Hans Sennholz     A Teacher is the purest sense of the word. He is a free-market economist and man of uncompromising principle. Discover one of his many books: Money and Freedom.
Eugen Bohm-Bawerk     He was the economist who answered and refuted the ideas of Marxism in his book, Karl Marx and the Close of His System. Henry Hazlitt     His classic book, Economics in One Lesson, is a must read for all those who want a solid foundation in economic reasoning.
Murray Rothbard     Beloved by Libertarians but the most-hated enemy of socialists. Read his book America's Great Depression. Carl Menger     Founder of the Austrian School tradition with his 1871 work: Grundsatze der Volkwirthschaftslehre. In English its translated as Principles of Economics.
Bettina Greaves     She never missed a class in nineteen years at Mises' famous New York University seminar. See her most recent book: Austrian Economics Percy Greaves     The one economist who helped all students of
liberty with his book, Mises Made Easier.
Friedrich Hayek     In 1974 he became the first Austrian economist to win the Nobel Prize in Economics. Read his classic work: The Road to Serfdom. Wilhelm Röpke     He was the economist that can be credited with the German "Economic Miracle" after World War II. See his book: The Economics of a Free Society.

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