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Rush Limbaugh Promotes Critical Thinking

     In the summer of 1994, Bellevue University offered the first College-credit class on Rush Limbaugh. It was named, "Is Rush Right?" Here is a description of the class in the Chronicle of Higher Education. 
(June 1, 1994)

     That's the theory behind a course that began last week at Bellevue University. As it turns out, the course.  "Is Rush Right?: Learning From the Conflicts." also promotes the two professors who teach it, as well as the college itself.  Judd Patton, an associate professor of economics, and Ed Rauchut, an associate professor of professional studies, have had their course discussed on Mr. Limbaugh's radio and television shows and cited in newspaper stories.  The impetus for the course came from Beyond the Culture Wars: How Teaching the Conflicts Can Revitalize American Education, by Gerald Graff, an English professor at the University of Chicago.  "I thought it would be interesting to take one of the most important issues of the day, and teach that conflict." says Mr. Rauchut.

     The syllabus covers a variety of topics from feminism and multiculturalism to economics and crime.  Students are required to read both of Mr. Limbaugh's books-- The Way Things Ought to Be and See, I Told You So.  Students also read works by authors who take different stances on the issues, such as bell hooks, a black feminist who uses no capital letters in her name; Molefi Kete Asante, an Afro centrist scholar; and Barry Commoner, an environmentalist.  For his part. Mr. Graff says he's "delighted" by the idea of the course.  "It seems to me that the academics who disdain public debates at the Rush Limbaugh level are simply refusing to take responsibility for elevating the quality of the debate," says Mr. Graff.


     The "Is Rush Right?" class will become an online class in 2000. Watch my home page for the announcement! In the mean time, one can create his own online Rush Class by accessing the following Web sites:

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